Conversation With the Kids

The other day we were jamming to the remix version of Thanh Thảo’s “Bạc Trắng Tình Đời” in the car and Đạo asked me the meaning of the hook: “Thà là bỏ đi hết ta làm lại từ đầu.” I explained to him, “Well, you know when you watch a movie in the car and you ask me to restart the DVD. That’s what it mean.” He was like, “Oh, OK.” I am not even sure why I made such a terrible analogy.

Because of Đạo’s verbal skill, Đán is picking up his chops as well. He speaks with authority. He uses phrases like “Muốn coi TV” (Want to watch TV), “Muốn ăn phở” (Want to eat phở) and “Muốn iPhone.” The other day, he put his hand into his diaper and got poop on his fingers. He ran to me and said, “Trời ơi… My hand… Dơ quá” (Oh God… my hand… so dirty).

Đán is a handful. He’s strong; he’s big; he likes to run; and he has endless energy. His terrible-two phase is much worse than Đạo. Just two days ago, he was like a little sick puppy. Yesterday, he returned to his normal self and he is exhaustive to keep up. Then again, I am glad that he’s healthy.