Parent Conference for Dao

Three words to describe Dao
  • Rational
  • Playful
  • Friendly
Dao likes to play with
  • Trains and cars
  • Puzzles
  • Blocks (always related to trains)
Dao’s strengths

Dao has strong language development. He takes responsibility for his actions. Dao is easily able to understand why some behaviors are inappropriate for school.

Areas that we are working on

We are working on encouraging Dao to participate more in circle and story times. We are also encouraging him to participate in art and cooking activities despite his aversion to getting dirty.

My thoughts

I was surprised that his teachers gave him positive feedback on his behavior. He gets along well with his classmates and he listens to his teachers. Even when he does something inappropriate, he recognizes it and understands the consequences.

At home, he is different. He always fights with his little brother over toys. Whenever Dan plays with something, he takes from his brother despite how many times I tells him not to do that. Dao is fighting for attention. Whenever I get the chance to be alone with him, he is so sweet and well-behaved. I am still struggling to get the two of them to play well together.

Yesterday they fought over a toy and I confiscated it. I explained that if they can’t share, they won’t get to play the toy at all. Dao picked up another toy and threw it across the room. I made him sat on the coach. He started to cry. Dan came over and gave his brother a big hug. I was angry and touched at the same time.