The Iberostar Experience

Tonight is our last night at Iberostar in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic. A week of vacation has flown by. On one hand, I’ll miss the fresh fried eggs for breakfast, the calamari curry for lunch, the grilled lobster for dinner, the exotic fruits, the various desserts, the endless cocktail drinks, the warm beach water and the fun swimming pool. On the other hand, I am getting burned out from chasing after the terrible two that had been known as the little boy who runs all over the property.

With the all-inclusive package, our family, which consists of the four of us, my mother-in-law and the three members from my sister-in-law, didn’t have to worry a thing. Our beds were made when we were having fun on the beach. Our food was ready whenever we were hungry. Above all, what made the experience pleasure were the people. From bartenders to room cleaners to chefs, they made the guests satisfied by being attentive.

For example, the interaction I had with the supervisor at the buffet restaurant left a positive impact. The first night I asked him for some cereals, specifically Fruit Loops, for Dao since he didn’t eat much dinner. I also requested milk for Dan. He gave me a bowl of cereal and a carton of milk to bring back to my room. The next day, I asked him the same thing. Not only he came back with what I asked for yesterday, he also introduced me to one of the chefs. He told me that he would be off the next day and said to tell the chef whatever I needed. When he came back the following day, he asked me if I got what I needed.

With just that one level of personal attention, especially with guests who have children, he made my experience at Iberostar a memorable one. This is my third all-inclusive vacation and each one met my expectation simply from the people in the hotels and resorts. They know exactly how to engage their employees.