Bun B – Trill OG: The Epilogue

Bun B is back in full force. Trill OG: The Epilogue offers 12 concise tracks filled with a handful of compelling productions, some excellent guest spots and a whole lot of aggressiveness from the king of the trill himself. Even when his wordplay is hilarious, “Opinions is like assholes and I don’t like assholes / So stick your opinion in your ass ho,” he doesn’t seem to be amused. Without a doubt, Bun takes his craft very serious and he has issues with “pussy niggas” through the exceptional cuts including “No Competition,” “Gladiator” and “Stop Playin’.” Rap is a competitive sport and he has every reason to go after the studio gangsta: “You born a sucker, die a sucker, yea you get the picture.” Going after women, however, is unnecessary and the filthy, misogynistic rhymes that aren’t even quotable here just make him sound like an asshole that he hates. Other than that, Trill OG is an impressive record.