Stress and Bad Influence

I am obviously not doing well under stress. Between taking care of my mom in the hospital and missing my wife and kids, I have been eating like there’s no tomorrow.

I had fried chicken wings and Alize for three days. Took my mom out to a Thai restaurant to regain her strength. Took my niece and nephew to TGI Fridays and Friendlys and stuffed ourselves with burgers, fries and all the junkie food. I have such a bad influence on them. I’ll get them to excercise once the weather gets nicer.

Now that my mom is recovering and I am about to head back to my wife and kids. This is actually the first time that I am away from them for a week. I need to get back to a healthier diet, but Dan’s birthday and Thanksgiving is coming up. Ok, maybe after Thanksgiving, but then Christmas is coming up. Alright, let’s make it a New Year resolution then. I know I say that every year.