Morning Madness

This morning I opened the fridge and there were new delicious apples and cherry tomatoes so I asked my wife, “Mommy, you didn’t get the salad?” She immediately threw a fit. I was like, “Wow, calm down mommy. I just ask a simple question.” She fired back, “No, you’re accusing me of not buying the salad.” Five minutes early, she was screaming at Dao to get him to brush his teeth. It didn’t seem like the day started out well for her. So I just packed up the kids and got to school.

As we arrived into the parking lot, Dao was still sitting with his head down. I asked him, “What’s wrong, bud?” He replied, “I am sad.” I followed up, “Why are you sad?” He started to weep, “Because I miss my mommy.” I opened the door, hugged him and told him, “It’s ok, honey. Mommy will pick you up after school, ok?” He nodded his head and all three of us went inside.