From Thomas Train to Barbie

Dao is now into watching Barbie. How did we get here? He outgrew Curious George and Thomas Train, but I could never imagine he would be into Barbie. Now I really have to pay attention to him even though I think he could differentiate between real and fantasy. For instance, my wife was making fried noodle last weekend and she set the stove on fire because the oil spilled out and started to burn. Dao ran over, looked at the fire and told his mom, “I don’t like to look at fire. I don’t like real fire. I only like pretend fire.” He went on, “Mommy, don’t do that again tomorrow.” I thought that’s pretty smart for a four-year-old.

His little brother is now in that terrible-two phrase and he wears me out everyday. He continues to pick up new words like, “love you,” “be careful” and “please.” Sometimes he combines two words into one, like “bloon” instead of “balloon” and “plice” instead of “police.” Unlike his big brother, Dan is still not into any particular TV shows. His favorite toy so far is a garbage truck. He uses the word “dơ” (dirty) more than anything. Whenever he sees something dirty he would say it. If we were driving on a rainy day, he would say “dơ” the entire time. He still can’t pronounce “truck” correctly. He would say, “dump fuck” instead of “dump truck,” which I find hilarious every time.

There are many funny moments that I haven’t have a chance to write down. I have been insanely busy these days. School has been very stressful. I have been quite cranky lately due to lack of sleep. I can’t wait for this semester to be done so I can get some rests and catch up on sleep. It’s Saturday night I am still doing my homework. Alright, I am going to sleep now before the little guy gets up and scream. Peace out!