Anh Thơ – Mình Thương Nhớ Nhau

Anh Thơ has such a soaring soprano that her singing could be quite torturing every time she hits the high notes. That might be good for a dramatic opera, but not so good for Vietnamese intimate ballads and traditional folks tunes. Her new release, Mình Thương Nhớ Nhau, is the proof. Her rendition of “Riêng Một Góc Trời” (Ngô Thụy Miên) is so acidic and so piercing that if you turn the volume loud enough in a car with the windows rolled up, her voice might break the glass. Right off “Thương Lắm Tóc Dài Ơi!” (Phú Quang), she wastes no time flighting into the high register and pushes beyond comfort level. In folks tunes, like “Trở Lại Sông Quê” (Xuân Đồng), her high voice diminishes the traditional vibe, especially when the soprano voice competes with the flute. The main issue is the mix and match between vocals and compositions. She needs to change to her alto range or pick something else that has operatic vibe.