Things Dan Says

Last night, I came to realize that Dan replaces “tr” with “f” when he talks. For instance, he would say “frain” instead of train. As we were on the road yesterday, he screamed really loud, “Daddy, fuck dơ.” My wife and I couldn’t stop laughing. I asked him, “Con nói gì vậy?” He repeated, “fuck dơ” and pointed to a dirty truck on the road. When he grows older, I’ll remind him that he already started cussing when he’s not even two.

Dao is getting very complex with his speech. He picks up words fast and he applies them immediately. When I pointed out to him a car transporter, he would use that word as soon as he sees a truck that carries cars on the road. We were arguing yesterday over who saw the convertible Mustang first. As we went back and forth, he immediately said, “That’s enough.” Last Tuesday after picking them up at daycare, I told him that I have to go to class tonight and he said, “But I need a parent to watch me and my baby.” Of course I wouldn’t leave them without his mom. I am not that insane yet.