The Unstoppable Dan

Our little guy is approach two and he is unstoppable. He has endless energy and no sense of fear. Whenever the three of us (without mom) hang out, I have to focus most of my attention on Dan and that makes me feel bad for Dao. If I keep on eye off him something would happened like falling off the playground, diving off the couch to the hardwood floor or getting his hand stuck in the elevator door. Yet he never learned his lesson.

He is starting to talk quite a bit as well. Some words he could say very clearly, but some he couldn’t. Dao was spot on whatever word he heard or said. Even when repeating something I said, Dan could not said it correctly. For example, we were looking at the book on cars last night and I said to him “tractor.” He repeated, “fucker.” I was like, “No, no, no, not that. It’s tractor.” He repeated again, “fucker.” I gave up and switched to Vietnamese.