Weird Kid

We were at Costco yesterday and Dan screamed when I didn’t let him get the books with toys that he wanted. He was sitting in the shopping cart and bawling so I went to the front of the cart to find a tissue. An Asian teenage boy came right up to Dan and did something to Dan. I couldn’t tell what he did because I was looking into the bag for something to wipe Dan’s face, but Dan stopped crying instantly. He could have smacked Dan’s face lightly or just put his hand on his mouth. I gave the kid that what-the-fuck-did-you-just-do look. As soon as he saw me staring at him, he realized he must have done something wrong. He stopped giggling and walked off sniffing new clothes on the display. I then realized that he isn’t a normal kid.

It was hysterical because Dan just sat there quiet the entire time. He didn’t scream or want the toys anymore. At the same time, it was a lesson learned. What if the kid was really screwed up and he knocked the fuck out of my kid. If I stood right by Dan, he wouldn’t had done that to him. I looked around to find the kid’s parents, but I couldn’t spot them. The incident confirmed me that you can never be too overprotective of your kids.

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