Personal Priorities

Made it through my second week of school. I really like the Brand Identity Design class. I already created over 50 logos for the project. The professor is tough, but his criticisms are constructive. I like the class so far even though it takes up so much time outside of class. I am back to four-hour sleep schedule as well as extra large Dunkin’ Donut coffee.

The only time I could do my homework is when my kids were asleep. I have finally come to term that there’s nothing I could do when they were awake. The weekends are even worse. After spending the whole day with them, I could hardly stay up at night to do anything. From six in the morning to ten at night, my time is devoted entirely to driving them around and doing something with them. This past weekend, we went to Roselyn Jazz Festival on Saturday and Burke Center Festival on Sunday. We sure had crazy fun, but so exhausted afterward. Unlike my sister-in-law and her husband who liked to work in the yard on the weekend, we just drove around to the mall, park or any event we could find. As long as the grass were trimmed, we spend no time at all around the house.

My wife brought up the subject of a third kid last night. She warmed me that we better make one by the end of this year or else we’re done. The clock is ticking. As much as I wanted a girl, I won’t survive if we have another boy. Cu Dan alone is a handful. I am probably going to have to stop school if we have our third.

Dan seems to like babies. He loves to point out kids who are younger than him as baby. The other day, we were driving by a restaurant he yelled, “High. High.” We were like what? He continued, “High. High. Baby. Baby.” He pointed to the kid sitting on a highchair, but he only said the word “high.”