Dao Sings Vietnamese

After hearing me sing “Con Chim Non” to Dan so many times, Dao picked up the lyrics and sang to grandpa. Notice how clear he enunciates the words. He has a really good ear for nuances. I think he would be good at learning different languages. Over the weekend, he saw the police stopped someone, he told his mom, “Mẹ, police phạt-“ing” người ta.”

Dan, on the other hand, is still babbling quite a bit. He speaks a lot, but very hard to understand. One time he said, “water fountain” and I could not understood him until he pointed me to the water fountain. He hasn’t been able to sing “Con Chim Non” yet, but he got the melody down. When he said “đi (go)”, he would sing the melody, “đi đi đi… đi đì đi… đí đí đi…” Yesterday, he pushed the elevator button and stated to sing, “bâm bâm bâm… bâm bầm bâm… bấm bấm bâm.” It’s quite funny how he turns every word into a tune.