Can’t Compete With Mama’s Boy

After taking the boys home from daycare, gave them a bath, Dao asked me, “Where is mommy? Why is she not home yet?” I joked, “Mommy got captured by the police.” He started bawling and requested, “Daddy, can you go get her? I want her to be free.” I felt horrible so I said, “I was just kidding, baby. Mommy will be home soon. She’s running a bit late to buy us some food.” He was fine with that.

At bed time, he asked me to go to sleep with him. He wanted both me and his mom to sleep with him. He didn’t fall asleep so I started to. As I was snoring, he kicked me out. He told me, “Daddy, can you go to sleep with em? I just want mommy to sleep with me.” I felt jilted. Can’t compete with mama’s boy.