Better Day

The other night around 10pm Dana kept yelling at Dao to tell him to hurry up with his milk so he could go to bed. He responded, “Mẹ, tomorrow is going to be a better day.” Dana and I looked at each other and just laughed.

Last Friday when we came to pick up Dan at daycare, he ran out of the playroom as soon as he saw us. It was hilarious watching him waving and saying goodbye to his friends and teachers as he dashed to the door.

Dan is now approaching his terrible-two phase and he is much worst than Dao. He is fearless and full of energy. He jumped off the bed and stairs. He busted his head several times and he had yet to learn to be careful. Looking after him is exhausting. He even started to hit Dao and smiled. No matter how hard I try to tell him that hitting is inappropriate, he always responded with a smile. Poor Dao just let his little brother hit him. Dao used to hit Dan, but now it’s the other way around. I told him to protect himself and do not let Dan hit him.

In term of speaking development, Dan is much slower than Dao. At two, Dao spoke very clearly. Dan talks a lot too nowadays, but mostly babbling. For instance, he would say “tuties” instead of smoothie. The other day he kept saying the four syllables that I could not understand until he pointed to the “water fountain.” The words he could speak clearly are: daddy, mommy, Dao and sữa (milk).

As much as I love seeing my kids grow, I can’t wait to see them get past the terrible-two period.

Bonjour Vietnam