Goodbye Auntie 8

My mother’s 8th sister passed away yesterday at the age of 65. She was another victim of cancer. Only two months ago that she found out she had stage-four breast cancer. The diagnose came too late. The cancer cells were already taken over her liver.

Less than two weeks ago when American oncologists recommended hospice, her husband took her to Mexico for an alternative treatment. Unfortunately, that method didn’t work. On her way back to the States, she was admitted to the hospital in San Diego because she couldn’t breathe and that was where she drew her last breath.

In my mother’s family, auntie 8 was the first one to migrate to the States. She then filed all the paperworks and found sponsors for the rest of the family members. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here today. That is something I would never forget.

Goodbye auntie 8. May your soul rest in peace.