JavaScript: A Beginner’s Guide

I have read a handful of books on JavaScript, and yet John Pollock’s JavaScript: A Beginner’s Guide, by far, is the easiest to learn. While most authors have done a great job of explaining the core concepts like variables, functions, operators, conditional statements and loops, they don’t show you how these fundamentals are being used in the web page. Pollock, on the other hand, provides step-by-step tutorials on how to create an HTML page with each concept he taught. What makes this book stands out is the connection between theory and real usage. With other books, you’ll get the programming theories, but you’ll understand how to applied them with this book.

When it comes to recommend a good book on JavaScript for beginners, people tends to point out Eloquent JavaScript, JavaScript Enlightenment, Professional JavaScript for Web Developers and JavaScript: The Good Part. Having read three out of four, The Good Part is on my reading list, I highly recommend A Beginner’s Guide as a starting point.