Dan’s 18-Month Checkup

We managed to miss Dan’s 18-month checkup. He’s 19 months now. With his good appetite, Dan is in the 75 percentile. He’s 34 inches tall, 27 pounds and 13 ounces with 19 1/4 HC. The poor kid got four shots today in both thighs. He cried for a bit.

He is outgrowing some allergies including whole milk, avocado and some seafood. He’s still not into certain things like Dao, but does seem to have some musical talent. He can jam when he hears the beat. He plays the keyboard with both hands and reaches out to every keys. Last night, he hummed the melody of “Con Chim Non” several times before going to bed.

His daycare is going well. He’s adjusting much quicker than Dao in the new environment. Dao started daycare at one and it took him almost a year to stop crying every time we dropped him off. Dan started at 18-month and he’s still crying when I dropped him off, but it only lasted for a minute.

Dan’s talking skill is good, but nowhere near Dao. It seems like Dao started to talk a very long time ago and has not been able to stop. Dao picked things up really fast and now he applies new words as much as he can. Before, he always told me that he saw a car with “no roof.” After I taught him the word “convertible,” he’s now saying, “Daddy, I saw a convertible.” Whenever we’re in the car, he would describe to me what he’s watching. For instance, he told me, “Daddy, Tom hits Jerry with a pan. Tom is not nice.”

I am sure Dan will pick up his communication skills as well very soon. I can’t wait to hear him talk in longer sentences.