Web Site for F.H. Buckley

I am proud to present a brand new site for F.H. Buckley, one of George Mason Law School of Law high-profile faculty members and a prolific writer. For this particular web site, Professor Buckley would like to highlight his books and articles. He just released The American Illness: Essays on the Rule of Law a couple weeks ago and he already has another one, The Once and Future King coming out next year.

One of the things I love working with writers is that they always have their contents ready before meeting with me to talk about the project. With the real content to work with and an idea of what the client want, the process went sleeker than smooth jazz. I had the same working experience with both Kristin Bair O’Keeffe and Jennifer Karin. They are both fantastic writers.

The design for F.H. Buckley is simple and with the focus on readability. The layout is responsive and the content is powered by WordPress. It’s always a joy for me to launch a small project like this.