Pho and Mustang

One loves Pho and one loves Mustang. You could probably figure out which boy likes which. Lil Dan loves Pho. We took him to Pho 50 two times and he ate like we haven’t fed him for a week. He also prefers to spoon feed himself; therefore, he made such a huge mess. As I was at the counter paying the bill, I overheard the bus lady told the owner in Vietnamese, “Look at the way Vietnamese kid eats. Isn’t that cute?” She was being sarcastic of course. Now whenever we go out for Pho, I just request a huge empty bowl for him to scoop. He did a very good job last night when we were at Pho Today. Dan doesn’t like eating vegetables, but he likes it when I juiced them. At dinner, I made a glass of juice contained kale, baby spinach, baby carrots, celery, orange and banana. He drank half of the glass.

Dao, only the other hand, likes eating vegetables. Just dip into ketchup and he would eat it. Dao is also making a transition from train to car. His latest obsession is convertible Mustang. Every time we’re on the road, he would spot out a convertible Mustang miles away. He recognizes the shape of Mustang as well as the horse logo.

Daycare wise, Dao is already fit in. He enjoys his time in there with his friends and teachers. Dan, on the other hand, is having a tough time making the transition. After the four-day weekend, I took him to daycare this morning and he started to cry as soon as I made a turn into the daycare. Then he would clung on to me the whole time. Even though I had been through this experience with Dao, it still feels awful hearing hi screamed. I really hope he’ll get past this stage soon.