McCaskey Alumni Relaunched

After thirteen years of manual updates, I am more than glad to turn the task over to the staff in the McCaskey Alumni Association. is now powered by WordPress.

In addition to migrating the site into an easy-to-use CMS, I made some refinements to the visual design. Although this is not the first web site I have created, it was one of the early projects that started my freelance gig. It also marked a turning point for me in term of heading into the minimalist direction. was my very first experiment with simple design and it has stood the test of time.

Even with the new relaunch, the concept is still the same as when it first launched. The new layout is wider and responsive; the typography is more modern; but the general look and feel is still crisp and open with plenty of whitespace. The client is still very happy with the original design after all these years. They’re even more excited now that could make changes themselves.