Rough First Day

Although Dan seemed to be having fun playing ball with his teacher when I picked him up yesterday, Ms. Ester told me that he was having a rough first day. He was happy to see me, but didn’t stop what he was playing to greet me like Dao. He was still carrying on with his game. When he spoke to me, I noticed the scratchiness in his voice. He must had cried a lot. Then he felt warm.

After we went home, I checked his temperature and it was up to 103 degrees. The good thing was that he was still very active. We gave him some Tylenol and he slept well, but the fever was still high this morning so we let him stayed home with grandma. I was teasing his cousin Khoi who started daycare last week that he got sick just after three days in daycare. Now Dan got sick for just one day. He broke all the records.

Dao, on the other hand, is probably already getting used to the environment. He enjoys playing with water and other activities in daycare.