Stay-at-Home Dad

I envy those parents who stay home with their kids. I know a handful of moms are doing that already, but I also found out the other day that a friend who is a web developer quitted his job to be home with his first daughter. I whined to my wife every once in a while that I wanted to be a stay-at-home dad as well. I told her my plan would be to spend time with the boys during the day and work on freelance projects during the night. The problem is that I am really suck at doing business. I only take on side jobs that I like and I only take on projects that come to me. I despise going out of my way to pick up clients; therefore, I won’t be able to pay the bills if I do my own business.

As much as I love my kids, I realize that I am not the type of guy that could handle constant craziness. Dao and Dan are at the age that they could go on all day long without getting tired. They both are super active. Dan alone is a handful. He climbs, runs, yells and he loves to do anything except sitting still. He has yet to listen to what I say. In fact, whatever I tell him not to do, he would do it. For example, whenever I say, “don’t put that in your mouth,” and he would put it in his mouth. He’s starting to pick up Vietnamese words like dirty, car, hand, mouth and so forth. For now, he learns mostly Vietnamese.

With Dao, he could watch TV all day long if I let him; therefore, I have to play with him as well to keep him occupied. Dao is such a witty kid, especially the things that he said. For example, a couple of days ago, he told me, “Daddy, my ‘cu’ (penis) gets bigger when I eat a lot.” I replied, “You are absolutely right, son.” I must admit. I don’t give him much attention as I should. For instance, if I take both of them to the playground, I constantly have to look after Dan. This little fellow has no fear. He climbs and does things as if he doesn’t think he would hurt himself. On the other hand, Dao is a very cautious kid and he knows his limitation; therefore, I let him do anything he likes without much of my supervision. This is one of the reasons, I always want my wife to join us so that each of us could give each kid our attention. I can only focus on one kid at a time.

In any rate, stay-at-home dad is not going to cut it for me. I can’t be looking after two kids at the same time. Spending just a full day with them is already exhausting. I can’t do it day after day. As much as I would like to be home with my kids, I simply can’t. I am not cut out for it.