Why I Dislike Physical Examination

I had my annual checkup yesterday even though I despise getting a physical exam. The previous one I had was two years ago and the one before that was five or six years apart.

The truth is I really don’t want to know about my health. I don’t want to find out if I have hepatitis, STDs, tuberculosis or any deadly shit. I hate seeing my blood draining into the tubes. One time I almost passed out because I didn’t have anything to eat or drink 12 hours before getting my blood drawn.

Yet the main reason I don’t like getting a check up is when the physician examined my private parts. I never felt comfortable. For the previous two exams, I chose male doctors so that I would not feel embarrassed. When they examined my dick and balls I kept saying to myself, “please, please don’t get hard.” I think I kind of did, which made me think there is some gayness in me.

The last one I chose a female doctor who is in her early 50s to see if I could be less uncomfortable. The moment came when she told me to drop my trousers. She looked away as she rubbed around my private area, but then she still had to peeped at my penis and testicles to see if I am getting any disease. It was extremely awkward, but I didn’t get hard.

Thank goodness, I only have to do this only once a year. I have nothing but respect and sympathy for doctors who have to do this everyday.