State of the Blog

For a while now, my RSS reader gets only a few updates a day. Most of the “friends” and personal blogs I had subscribed to either shut down or don’t update anymore. Even the tech and design news, in which I followed to stay up to date, have moved to Twitter.

Blog shows its age even though WordPress is still popular. At the core, WordPress is still a blogging platform, but it is also being used more as a content management system more than a blog. It’s a nostalgia for me to see blogging going away. It has become a part of my digital life. Blogging was never meant to be a popularity thing for me. Proof is that this blog has peaked years ago even before I closed the comment section. I hardly check who visited the site or who read the blog. It doesn’t matter as long as I still have my own space to write, design and learn. It’s the place where I don’t have to please anybody or follow anyone’s instructions.

I disconnected my blog from my Twitter and Facebook. You’ll have to visit this site to see the updates unless you have subscribed to my RSS feed. The blog is not even prominent on the homepage. You have to get past the large banner to get to the blog. The reason is that I don’t want the blog to be the main focus on the homepage and only those who want to read would scroll.

I am not sure how long my blog will last, but it is still alive and kicking for now.