A Perfect Morning

As usual, my morning routine started off with dropping Cu Dan off at grandma’s place then driving to work and listening to some podcasts. I am so glad that my car stereo is resuscitated. A couple of months ago, it went dead completely and I had to listen to the podcasts through the iPhone speaker, which was quite annoying. About a month ago, the stereo just powered back up again all by itself. It was just like a miracle.

In any rate, I was listening to two fantastic TEDTalk podcasts today. The first one is from Paola Antonelli on “Why I brought Pac-Man to MoMA.” She gave an insightful, entertaining talk about interactive design. Obviously, designers should listen.

The second piece from Andrew Solomon on “Love, no matter what” is quite powerful. He touched on the progression of gay from “illness to identity” from the 60s to today. He also shared stories from parents whose kids were down, abnormal and criminal. Highly recommended.

Along the way, I also stopped by Burger King to pick up its ice coffee. I always had a love-hate relationships with its ice coffee. I loved its smoothness and richness, but hated the extra sweet even when I ordered a plain one. Its ice coffee is also very inconsistent from place to place. In this one particular location, I had a sweet cup three days ago. Yesterday I ordered the same thing and it was simply plain. Today it had just a tad sweetness, which was perfect. I loved it. I wish I had a couple shots of Kahlúa to spice it up, but then I would be an alcoholic.

Last week when I was vacationing at WildWood, my wife made some killer coffee in the morning with the help of Kahlúa’s hazelnet flavor. Those were the best intant coffee I ever had. I need another vacation.