Dan Goes to Daycare

Next month Dan will join his brother for the summer camp. I am sure he’ll have a much easier time adjusting to the new environment than Dao. He seems be to be less emotional than his big brother. I still recall the days Dao cried every time I dropped him off to daycare. It took him almost a year to get over that issue. We’ll see how Dan do.

I used to have to fight with Dao every time I brushed his teeth. On the other hand, Dan is a breeze. Each morning he gets up and greets me with a smile. I take him to the bathroom, brush his teeth, change his clothes and diaper and let him go over to his mom and brother’s room while I do my things.

As soon as we go downstairs, he goes to the shoe rack, picks up his shoes, sits on the steps and waits for me to put his shoes on. We go outside and I let him roam around for a bit before putting him into the carseat and go over my sister-in-law’s house. Once we arrive, I take him out if the car and let him walk around enjoying the beautiful morning before taking him into the house. I really enjoy those moments with him. Once I take him inside, his little cousin is very happy to see him. Then I stay with them for a few minutes before heading to work. Dan doesn’t seem to even notice that I am leaving. He’s very closed to his grandma and cousin.

Next month that routine will changed. Sending him to daycare is good for him and for us as well. The only problem is… there goes $2,600 each month for both kids.