New Toys

I am now rocking with a brand new MacBook Pro with Retina Display and a 27-inch Thunderbolt Display. The Retina quality is simply stunning. Spent all day at work transferring all the software and files. Using the Migration Assistant would have been much faster, but I wanted to start fresh rather than bringing all the old junks over.

I had the old MacBook Pro for almost two years, but I actually don’t have much in it. I tried to keep my baby as clean as possible; therefore, starting from scratch isn’t a big deal. Google Chrome rocks. All I have to do was logged in and everything I had from the old laptop are there on the new one. As far as softwares go, I only had a handful. My IT man installed Office and Adobe Suite for me; therefore, I only had like a few programs to install.

The performance of the new MacBook Pro is doubled my previous one in term of memory, processor and storage and yet, the new laptop is even lighter. Very impressive.

About six months ago, I took my computer bag out of the trunk and accidentally dropped the old laptop on the driveway. One of the corners has a dense. I thought I broke it, but it still works great to this day. I am still glad to have it replaced though. My boss rocks, too.