New Perks

New job comes with new perks. I got an iPhone on my first training day. My office comes with a gigantic glass window. I could see an airplane flies by every now and then since we’re closed to Reagan National Airport.

My predecessor used an old Dell laptop since he was not a designer and only used command lines. I gave my supervisor this list a week before I came on board and everything was there when I started my job.

I no longer need to commute into DC. The parking here is cheap and the flexible hours allow me to avoid traffic. I come to work at 10; therefore, don’t have to rush in the morning to get Dao to daycare. Getting up at 8 am instead of 6:30 am makes a whole lot different, especially the winter is coming.

The main campus is just right by my house. I had my orientation today and I dropped by the library to check it out. When I was at GW, I loaned most of the tech books through GM. Now I have access to a huge library within a walking distance.

The best part is that my workplace is only 10 minutes away from Eden Center. The folks around here are so nice and diverse. Now the hard part is to do my job well so I won’t disappoint them.