Parenting Advice for Dao

We met with Dao’s teachers and counselor to discuss his uncontrollable tantrum. When he doesn’t get what he wants, he loses himself. He does, however, feel remorse when he calms down. He then realizes what he had done wrong and apologizes.

For his fourth birthday, we gave him a really nice train set. He can only play with it when he’s being good. We had been firm; therefore, he wouldn’t get to play it if he misbehaved that day. It worked so far.

The counselor suggested that we continue using that method, but also take a step further. Giving him stickers when he’a good and use a calendar to keep track of how many days he’s being good. Be more specific with him. Tell him what had he done well. When he’s not behaving, tell him that we love him, but we don’t love what he did.

When playing with Dan, he often takes toys away from his little brother. Dan now can defends himself; therefore, he doesn’t easily let go of what he has on his hands. His teacher suggestion is to assign ownership to each boy. Write their name on the toys and they have to share if one wants to play with the other’s toy.

The teachers and counselor gave us many advices to help Dao controls himself. We are very grateful and deeply appreciate their love and support for Dao.

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