Go Pampers

We were at a festival in Delaware last weekend and spotted a vendor from Pampers. The truck displayed nothing but diapers. Then they had a long table with several changing mattresses. Parents could use them to change their kids. They provide diapers, wipes, sheets and sanitizer all free. What a great way for Pampers to promote its products. I loved that concept.

Speaking of diapers, Đán uses at least three a night. He sleeps on his tummy and he pees quite a lot. I have to remember to change him or else he would pee all over his clothes and the bed. I rather change his diaper than clean him up, change his clothes and wash the sheets. Though he sleeps well at night I have to get up to change him.

One night, I must had been quite sleepy when I change him; therefore, his thing was not tucked inside. About half an hour or so, he suddenly got up really fast and rested on my tummy. Then I noticed that he was completely wet. I had to clean him up, changed his cloths, threw the towel where he left his urine and went back to bed.

The nice thing about Đán is that he never wakes up when I change his diaper.