Caffeine Free

I haven’t have coffee for three weeks straight. I needed to stay free from caffeine because I have been under tremendous stress. When I am in that kind of pressure, drinking coffee only makes me more depress. I used to get migraine in the evening because of stress and coffee. I needed my mind to be clear to deal with the situation; therefore, I decided to stop drinking coffee altogether.

The first few days was tough. I fell asleep a couple of times during the day. Then I got through it easily; therefore, I am not addicted as I thought I was. Somehow whenever I get myself into something, like jazz, blog and web design, I have a really hard time quitting. Luckily those three obsessions are harmless. I haven’t smoked a cigarette my whole life. I am not sure why I was never drawn into it, but it’s a good thing. Sometimes I just want to try to see why so many people are inhaling it even though they know it’s not good for their health. Then I chicken out. I am afraid I might get addicted to it. I also need to set an example to my kids that smoking is not cool. Hopefully they won’t do it when they get older.