Thanh Hà – Mong Manh Tình Về

Thanh Ha is obviously in love. Her new release, Mong Manh Tình Về, is the proof. Her heart is not in it even though her lover is collaborated on the album. They rather make something else together than music.

As a result, Mong Manh Tình Về is either romantically sleepy or sleepily romantic. From the opening “Có Đôi Lần” to the sugary “Những Ngày Mưa ” to the sedating title track, Thanh Hà and Roland seem to be rather cuddling under sheets than recording in the studio. No wonder the rope she adorns on the cover is so damn fitting.

Even when conveying anguish in “Giận Anh,” Thanh Hà seems to prefer to just nap it off. Don’t blame her for the dullness in her music. Just congratulate her for being in love. She probably won’t make an exciting record until shit happens. I am suggest that it should. I am just saying.