Fantastic Four

Our little guy turns four today. Unbelievable how time has flown by. Four years of challenges and fun. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Dao is a very special kid. He’s a quick learner and very sharp. He makes me laugh all the time. The other day, he invented his own vocabulary: “badiculious.” I asked him, what does that mean and he said, “It means not listening.” He went on, “You are badiculious, daddy.”

Last weekend, his mom told him, “Don’t run.” He responded, “I am not running mommy. I am just hopping.” He basically has a counter for everything. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s quite exasperating, specially when he threw a tantrum to get what he wanted.

While his development escalating, his behavior is improving slowly. We’re doing our best to give him the freedom to grow, but also keep his attitude under control. Now that the terrible three is behind us, I am looking forward to his fantastic four.