Trọng Bắc – Dấu Mưa

Trọng Bắc’s debut, Dấu Mưa, opens with an elegant rendition of Từ Công Phụng’s “Như Chiếc Que Diêm.” Trọng Bắc has a gentle baritone that blends in nicely with lyrical ballads. Having Dũng Đà Lạt behind the board isn’t a bad choice, especially when arranging his own tune, “Trong Mắt Em,” in an intoxicating bossa nova flavor.

Upon listening Trọng Bắc’s take on Diệu Hương’s “Xin Đừng Quay Lại,” Quang Dũng comes to mind. Like Quang Dũng, Trọng Bắc’s voice is quite charming and he knows how to maneuver his away around Diệu Hương’s romantic lyricism. Unlike Quang Dũng, however, Trọng Bắc doesn’t have the enunciating issue. Furthermore, Quang Dũng’s devlivery nowadays is so mechanical.

The debut closes out with Quốc Bảo’s “Còn Ta Với Nồng Nàn” showing some potentials for a homage singer rather than an innovative one. No crime in that.