Phương Linh – Tiếng Hót Từ Bụi Mận Gai

Seven years after winning “Sao Mai Điểm Hẹn 2006,” Phương Linh releases her sophomore album, Tiếng Hót Từ Bụi Mận Gai, with intricacy, maturity and confidence.

Her take on Ngô Thụy Miên’s “Từ Giọng Hát Em” is the proof. Phương Linh’s strong, soulful voice soars and descends with such effortlessness on each note. The accompanying piano arpeggios and soft drum brushes bring out an intimate atmosphere. While the piece is not groundbreaking, Phương Linh’s performance is outstanding.

With Dương Thụ’s “Họa Mi Hót Trong Mưa,” Phương Linh shows off her range from alto to soprano. Sounding like a nightingale singing the rain when she uses her high register to imitate the bird’s voice. The simple strumming acoustic guitar is the perfect complement to her voice.

The arrangements, which were recorded live with the band, are a huge asset for Phương Linh. From the funk-jazz vibe on “Cánh Hoa Hồng Bỗng Gọi Tên Anh” to the bluesy-folksy fusion on Thuận Yến’s “Trái Tim Lang Thang” to the intoxicating waltz on Quốc Bảo’s “Niềm Đau Chìm Xuống,” the musical accompaniments enhance the singer’s voice as well as the album’s listening experience.