The Screamer

Dan spends most of his daytime with grandma and his cousin who is four months younger than him. His cousin has a very soft cry. Even when he screams the loudest, his volume is quite modest. On the other hand, Dan cries crazy loud and his tone is quite piercing like Mariah Carey reaching her high notes. It’s unbelievably uncomfortable, especially in the wee hour.

Even Dao is nothing in comparison. When Dao screams, I can tell that he uses tremendous strength. Dan’s scream is effortless. At night when he wakes up, I stick the bottle into his mouth as quick as I can to prevent his scream. One time he screamed in my ear, I almost dropped him off my arms. Just kidding. He’s still my sweet baboo.

Man, that kid is growing fast and I am starting to see see his personality. He likes to take toys from Dao and his cousin rather than picking out his own. Yesterday, Dao sneezed so I pulled a tissue and wiped his nose. Dan did the same thing that I did. Whenever I tell him to go to bed, he would head toward the stairs.

Not sure what he’s saying yet, but sounds like he either says “Wuzzup” or “What’s that?” We enrolled him into the Jewish Community Center as well in June. It’s gonna be at least $2,500 a month for both kids. If we have a third child, one of us would have to quit our job. It ain’t gonna be me though. I definitely can’t take on that challenge.