Ánh Tuyết – Duyên Kiếp

Ánh Tuyết’s new album, Duyên Kiếp, comes in two linguistic flavors: One in Northern accent and the other in Quảng’s enunciation. Yet, all of the ballads being covered are suitable for southern voices.

Ánh Tuyết is one of the few Vietnamese female singers with an incredibly high soprano tone, but she hardy uses her upper register in this album, which is a smart move. With jazz-tinged, classy arrangements, she breathes new life into Lam Phương’s title track and “Tình Bơ Vơ.” Her version of Duy Yên & Quốc Kỳ’s “Mưa Chiều Kỷ Niệm” is elegantly reflective.

On the north side, Ánh Tuyết gives bolero ballads, including “Đừng Nói Xa Nhau” (Châu Kỳ & Hồ Đình Phương), “Chiều Cuố Tuần” (Trúc Phương) and “Em Về Kẻo Trời Mưa” (Ngân Giang) an instant refresh. The effortlessness in her delivery and the intimate arrangements are the key elements in remaking these over-sentimental classics.

The Quảng’s side is quite fascinating. Although the arrangements stay the same, the accent changes the vibe a bit. I must admit the pronunciation is a bit strange at first, but it is growing on me upon several listens. If you want to experience this album, I highly recommend starting with the Quảng’s side first.