Third Time’s the Charm

Last weekend, our little family hit the mall and my wife complained that shopping for boys is so boring. Girls have tons of clothes. She was right indeed. There are many cute outfits for girls. Our family is now dominated with testosterones and trains. We need to balance things out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a daddy’s little girl?

Parenting is not easy, at least not for me. It’s a lifelong commitment. Obviously I can’t ship them back to Russia. There are tradeoffs, however, and time goes by so fast. Other than some discipline issues, Dao is now doing good on his own. We can enjoy a decent meal in a restaurant with him. Dan is already passing one, but still waking up and screaming on top of his lung every night. Taking him to a restaurant now is a nightmare, especially for the servers.

By the time Dan hits two, we could potentially have a third one. After having two boys, I admittedly prefer a girl although we have about 5% of a chance. A quick look and my wife’s and my family, we are male dominated, especially in our kids’ generation. Sure the chance is quite slim, but we have nothing to lose (other than sleep) if we would have a third boy. We’re still going to love him just as much. In fact, another boy would just make the house more fun.