Dao vs. Dan

Dealing with two boys with two opposite personality is quite a challenge. Whereas Dao is very careful and meticulous, Dan is careless and incautious. Dan walked right into the wall simply because he turned his head sideway instead of looking straight ahead. He banged his head against the exercise bike yesterday for the same reason.

When they play together, Dao takes his time to coupling the trains together. He makes sure the wheels align perfectly on the rails. Even I have to ask him to help me with it. When coupling the trains, I did the most obvious: connected the hooks together. One time I watched Dao did it. He pushes the train together and the hooks connected automatically. No wonder he calls himself the “engineer.” Then comes Dan pushing the trains and wrecking the track. Dao gets furious every time that happens. I have to calm down Dao and restrict Dan from messing up the trains.

Once Dao is into something, he stayed really focused. Dan just roams free all over the place, specially now that he is capable of walking. If I don’t hear him in a minute around the house, I better check the stairs. He’s probably climbing upstairs. He used to go downstairs facing in. Now he just tries to walk straight down. This guy is fearless. I am hoping that he’ll learn to be more careful soon.