Something Special

Seeing his mom coming home from work, Dao opened the door and greeted, “Hello mommy! I miss you very much.” He went on, “Do you have something special for me?”

As we walked to our car yesterday from the daycare another Asian kid, probably a bit younger than Dao, was screaming while walking with his mom. I asked Dao, “Why is he screaming?” He replied, “Because he’s not listening. Bạn hông có ngoan.”

At dinner time last night, Dan fell and hit the chair. he had a deep cut in his upper eye right above his upper eyelid like he has a blepharoplasty. We knew that he was alright when he took toys from Dao and ran toward me. It’s always painful to see your kids getting hurt. The playground accident with Dao still haunts me. The good thing is that Dao’s head is very hard. My mother compares his head to a coconut.

I know I always whine about how hard it is to have kids, but they do changed my life. I am thankful everyday to see them play and grow.