Born With Personality

I am no scientist nor psychologist, but being a father who witnesses his kids grow everyday allows me to conclude that kids are born with personality. What do I mean by that? Let’s get back to the beginning.

When my wife and I were married, we knew we wanted to have kids, but not right away. We want to enjoy our time before diving into the parent thing. At the same time, we had no obligation not to. Well, Dao didn’t let us wait. He didn’t let us decide when he should be born. He decided to come out on his own term. We were a bit unexpected, but very joyful nevertheless. So now everything he wants to do, he does it on his own. One day he decided to sleep overnight. One day he suddenly decided to walk. No matter how many times we tried to get him off his diaper, one day he just did it on his own. We fought everyday trying to brush his teeth. Now he just does it all by himself. The hardest part about this personality is that he is very hard to control.

With Dan, we had a clearer plan because we knew that we wanted a younger sibling that is close enough for Dao to play with. As a result, Dan is much more cooperative (at least for now). He doesn’t fight back when I brush his teeth. He just bites my finger. He doesn’t refuse food when we feed him. He doesn’t demand much like his older brother, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a badass. Still I predict that we won’t have as much time with Dan than Dao. Let’s see when he reaches his terrible-two stage.