Best Friend

After being forced to brush his teeth, Dao complained: “Daddy, I don’t like that. You’re not nice. You’re not listening. That’s why I am not your best friend. You will be alone… all yourself.” Wow, five sentences at once. I was a bit shocked, but then realized that if he fails at whatever he pursues in his career, he could always make a decent living at the fish market.

As we walked upstairs to go to bed, he slammed the safety gate and woke up Dan. I ordered him to go into his room and I went into Dan’s room to sooth him back to sleep. Then I heard him cried in the other room shouting, “I want my mommy. I want my best friend.” He ran out to the gate and creamed, “Mommy, please come up here with me.” He didn’t hear any response so he peaked into our room. I felt bad so I told him to come and join us. He ran in, lied next to me and said, “Daddy, I lost my best friend.” All I could do was holding him tight and said, “Your best friend will be up soon.” This little guy is a heartbreaker.

Bonjour Vietnam