Nose Bleeds and No Sleep

My nose has been bleeding daily. Getting out of the heated car to the outside temperature could easily trigger the breakage. I felt the blood flooding down my nose this morning as I dropped Dan off to grandma. For a second I almost passed out.

It’s definitely caused by the dryness of the cold, but the cough syrups and coffee might have made it worse. My cough is gone so I am not taking any more syrups and I am trying to take it easy on the coffee, but it is so damn hard.

For the past week, Dan woke up almost every two hours. He’s probably teething or his allergy is bothering him. I can’t wait for him to see the allergist next week. When he got up he rubbed his face against the pillow to the point that made electric static; therefore, I had to pick him up to sooth him back to sleep. He slept much better on my shoulder than on the bed.

The first few nights I was quite cranky, but now I am getting used to it. The only problem is that I really need caffeine in the morning to get by, but then this whole nose bleed is giving me no choice. I don’t want to go back to cauterization, which helped for a few ears, again. It burns like crazy.