Dan’s First Pair of Shoes

It occurred to me today that Dan had not worn a pair of shoes yet even though he already started walking for a week. Because of the weather, he had been walking mostly inside the house barefoot or with socks. This late afternoon I took him straight to Stride Rite to get his first pair of shoes.

I picked out three pairs for him. Getting him to tried them was not hard at all. I remember trying get Dao to put on the shoes took quite a bit of efforts. Dao is very resistance. He wouldn’t do anything I asked him to. Dan, on the other hand, would do anything I would like him to. He trusts me completely. The funny thing was that he didn’t know what to do once the shoes were on. He just looked at his feet and wondered why he was wearing them. I would never forget that expression on his face.

I couldn’t get him to walk so I picked the pair that I liked the most. After paying for it, I held his hand and we walked together. He started out walking on his toes, but once we got to the big water fountain he began to walk on his feet. I let go of his hand and we walked like a little drunk kid. Five minutes later he was speed-walking all over the mall. I was too excited as well as too anxious that I forgot to film his first walk.

After we left the mall, he drank regular cow milk and slept. Today I am transitioning him from breast milk to cow milk. He took the first sip of cow milk and tossed the bottle. Five minutes later I gave it to him again and he drank it all.

I really enjoyed spending my last day of the long holiday break with him. I will never forget this fond memory with my lil Dan.

Bonjour Vietnam