The End of 2012

Spending the last few days of 2012 eating donuts, drinking coffee, watching the snow, being with family and reflecting on the past year. 2012 was rough. We lost our main man. We struggled emotionally, but we maintained. We stayed together to raise our lovely kids. They are growing up fast. We’re deeply thankful for the family support.

As for myself, I was busier than ever. In addition to holding a fulltime job, I started grad school despite having two toddlers. Now I could see why people can’t finish school when they have kids. The demands on both sides are impossible to keep up. I going to take it easy next semester.

For 2013, my goals are to manage my time and my appetite. I need to balance my time for work, school and family. I also need to balance my diet. Eat less and get back to jogging. That’s all. Happy New Year my lovely readers.