I have been unintentionally neglected my boy Dao. I paid way too much attention to the little guy even when they were both under my watch. Dan has started to walk already, but he’s still putting things in his mouth. I could not take my eye off him for 30 seconds. On the other hand, Dao could play all by himself.

When we visited my mom, Dao played with his cousin Eric most of the time until Eric got bored or worn out. Dao was feeling sad when Eric had no desire to play with him. I could see it on his face so I handed Dan to his mom and played with him. He showed me how to fix the train track using his fist as a hammer. He looked adorable.

Dao definitely wanted someone to play with. Unfortunately his little brother isn’t one. Unlike Dao, Dan knocked things all over and Dao didn’t like that. I tried to explain to him that Dan is too young to understand the proper way to play and I offered to help him fixing up whatever Dan messed up. He seemed to like that.

Yesterday around noon, Dao refused to eat and said that he was tired and wanted to go to sleep. I thought he tried to get out of eating so yelled at him a bit and took him to bed. Five minutes later he slept on my arms. I felt horrible for yelling at him earlier. I rubbed his back and gave him kisses. He held my hand even though he was already sleeping. My baby could be so lovely when he wanted to.