Dan’s Allergy

Dan’s blood test result is in. He’s moderately allergic to white egg, milk, soy and shrimp. He’s highly allergic to peanut. The doctor subscribed 4 packs of EpiPen for both kids and recommended to take them both to allergy pediatrician.

True be told, I never paid much attention to allergy until I become a father. I am either lucky or don’t know any better because I can’t think of a type of food I can’t eat, but I can think of what type of food would give me diarrhea. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I have food allergy. The positive outcome would probably be I wouldn’t get so fucking fat. Lately I have been getting so ridiculously hungry at night and I always ending up eating something around one in the morning.

Now the kids have all kind of food allergy. I really feel bad for Dan because he loves food as much as I do. He would eat anything we give him. So now we have to eliminate food that he’s allergic to. Fortunately I don’t care much about peanut. I wouldn’t miss it if I don’t eat it again ever.