He Made His Case

Not sure what prompted me to ask Dao, “Are you a train?” He replied, “No, you silly. I am not a train. I am a people. I have feet. Trains don’t have feet. Trains have wheels.” Sounds like he made his case clear.

As we were stuck in traffic on our way home yesterday, Dao said, “Cars please move out of the way so we can go home.” I asked him, “Why do you want to go home?” He replied, “So I can see my mommy. She’s my best friend.” I asked, “Am I your best friend?” He said, “No, I am not your best friend. Baby is your best friend.” I said, “Oh I see. Baby is my best friend. I miss my baby.” He said, “And I miss my mommy.” He made his case once again.

Bonjour Vietnam