Survived My First Semester

So I made it through the first semester of my graduate program in graphic design. I took two classes. One is a graduate seminar, which is a one-credit course. The other is advanced typography, which is a four-credit course. The tuition benefit only allows me six credits max each semester. If I am going at this rate, it will take me at least four and a half years to complete. Man, that’s even worse than going through a four-year college.

The seminar class was manageable. I am glad that we ditched the textbook and worked on a real project. The killer one for me was advanced typography. The professor’s style of teaching was very tough. In each class we put up our work on the board for critique. He pushed so hard that some of my classmates were in tears. I spent hours working on a design and he spent 30 seconds ripping it apart. Although I understood his intention all along, it was very hard to deal with. Then again, if I could make it through his class, I could make through any other classes.

In retrospect, I picked the worse time to start school. In addition to holding a full-time job, I have two small children. Little Dan was not even one yet when I started. Then my father-in-law’s situation. About more than half way through the semester I was about to throw in the towel. Many nights I barely slept and the pressure drove me into depression. I am glad that my wife didn’t let me give up. She encouraged me to get through. At the end, I met some great design friends and I am also happy to be in school again.

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